Tres Centros de Pensamiento del Caribe Colombiano, ATARRAYA con sede en Montería, CESORE en Valledupar y FUNDESARROLLO en Barranquilla, se han unido con el fin de transmitirles a los candidatos presidenciales diez de los desafíos socioeconómicos más apremiantes que tiene nuestra región y sus posibles soluciones.


Antecedentes Atarraya

Atarraya is the product of numerous profound conversations amongst a group of Cordovan professionals of diverse academic backgrounds and from multiple locations, seeking a better future for our region, conscious of the amazing opportunities Córdoba offers and the growing importance of our human capital for our far-reaching fulfillment as human beings. Within this warm dialogue that has been ongoing the past two years, we are also united by a shared dissent with the conditions of backwardness, poverty, and inequality that – despite its great wealth of natural resources – continue to characterize our department and negatively affect the quality of life of many fellow residents of Cordoba.

Icono Credibilidad


Generates trust through the quality, objectivity, and thoroughness of its research, along with the professionalism of its members.

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Objectivity and independence in their assessments and studies; political neutrality.

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Able to fund and maintain itself with its own resources.

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Combine efforts in a coordinated manner to achieve common goals, working as a team with other stakeholders.

What can I expect from Atarraya?

  • Serious and independent technical studies, applicable to regional development.
  • Intervals for gatherings, conversations, and debates on topics of interest to the region.
  • Politically nonpartisan and independent.
  • Endeavor to study issues that are relevant for Córdoba’s future and the well-being of its inhabitants.
  • Useful knowledge to benefit the region and all its inhabitants.

¿Why is a regional think tank necessary?

  • To increase the quality of debates surrounding regional public policies.
  • To provide reliable, objective, and relevant information that enables good decision-making regarding regional public policy.
  • To encourage the sustainable development of the region.
  • To build human capital and leadership through study, research, debate, and the creation of good public policies (technocracy).
  • To generate synergies between academia, the private sector, and regional Government.

National GDP per capita $19.910.146

Cordoba´s is

Cordoba represents


of the national GDP

Access to higher education


National 52%

Infant mortality rate 2019

  • Colombia 17.3% 17.3%
  • Córdoba 22.8% 22.8%

Literacy national rate 2020

  • Colombia 9.3% 9.3%
  • Córdoba 18.7% 18.7%

Innovation Index 2020

  • Colombia 30.7% 30.7%
  • Córdoba 21.1% 21.1%

Monetary Poverty Rate 2020

  • Colombia 42.5% 42.5%
  • Córdoba 59.4% 59.4%

Source: DANE 2020 and  MEN 2018.

Arboles en Cordoba
Río Sinú en Córdoba
Hombre a Caballo en Córdoba


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