How to help

Why to help?

  • Because it is our civic and social responsibility duty to actively support initiatives that promote regional development.

  • Because it can create useful knowledge for the benefit of the region.

  • Because it can contribute to improve the quality of the economic and social policies of the department, its municipalities and regions.

  • Because it is a way to contribute to the progress of the region.

  • Because serious and independent think tanks are of great value in promoting development.

  • Because it is a network where the human talent of Cordoba collaborates, grows and comes together.

Your donation to support the work carried out by Atarraya can be made by direct deposit or via bank transfer to the following account:

Bancolombia savings account

# 569-000017-32

Fundación Red de Estudios e Investigaciones para el Desarrollo Sostenible de Córdoba

Tax ID # 901.499.323

Please send an email with the supporting documentation of your donation so we can follow up accordingly and send you a payment receipt, to our Vice President of Steering Committee and Treasurer Liliana Arrieta Encinales ([email protected]).

Logotipo Bancolombia

Donations to Atarraya are tax-exempt in Colombia and the respective donation certificates will be provided.

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